10th English vvi objective 2024 : 10th इंग्लिश एग्जाम 2024 को लेकर इंपोर्टेंट क्वेश्चन।

10th English vvi objective 2024 : 10th इंग्लिश एग्जाम 2024 को लेकर इंपोर्टेंट क्वेश्चन।

Direction: Choose the correct form of Auxiliary Verbfrom the given option.

1. Rice and Curry his favourite food.

[18 (A) 1)

(a) is

(b) are

2. The honest

(c) were

(d) have

…….. poor.(b)are (c) were

[18 (A) I

(a) is

(d) None

3. Nothing but snow………. seen.

(a) have

 (d) None

(b) are (c) has

4. There……… two errors in your work. [18 (A) II]

(a) is

(b) was

(c) shall

(d) are

5. No news……. good news.

(a) is(b) are

[18 (A) II)

(c) have

(d) were

6. The colour of these houses

white.(a) are (b) is

7. he a university professor ?

[18 (A) * I*Pi

(c) were

( i) have

(a) Are(c) Do

8. Rajan and Rohan’s father…… a businessman :

(b) Is

(d) Does

(a) are (b) have (c) is

9. My father’s wallet lost.

(a) was (b) were(c) are

10th English vvi objective 2024

10. Keep quiet, we are(a) listem(b) listened

(d) * do

to the radio.

[21 (A) I]

(c) will listen

11. We have not……… him for a year.

(a) saw (b) seen (c) see

(d) listening

[21 (A) I)

(d) seeing

12. The news………. alarming.

[21 (A) I]

(a) is(b) were (c) are

13. While the child played, the mother………the food.lceil

21 (A) I]

(a) cooked(c) will cooking

(b) cooking(d) had cook

14. Will you mind …. the door?

[21 (A) I)

(a) close(c) to close

(b) closing

(d) closed

15. We shall get wet if it……

(a) rains

[21 (A) I)

(b) raining(d) will rains

(c) rained

16. The train usually……. at 9 a.m.

[21 (A) 1]

(a) arrived(c) arrives

(b) will arrive

(d) arriving

17. She is ……… to see her mother-in-law

(a) gone(b) went(c) go

[21 (A) II)

(d) going

18. My grandfather ……… tea without sugar.

(a) taking (b) takes (c) taken

[21 (A) II)

(d) had took

19. When evening, it gets dark.

(a) comes

[21 (A) II]

(b) came

(c) will come

(d) had come

20. Ruby her English lessons yesterday when her father called her.


(b) is studying

(a) has studied (c) studied

(d) was studying

10th English vvi objective 2024

21. She studying for two hours.

(c) were

(b) was

(a) is 22. I have……… all my savings.

(a) would spend

(b) spent

(c) spend

(d) spended help him.

23. He was sure that I

(a) shall (b) will 24. His two sons….. still very young:

(c) would

(a) is

(b) are

(c) both a and b

 25. Each one of you… to collect a few rupees :

(a) do (b) does

(d) none of these

(c) have

(d) has

26. The earth…… around the sun.

(a) revolve

(b) revolves

(c) both a and b

27. The children their milk twice everyday :

(d) none of these

(a) drink

(b) drinks

(d) none of these

…… his mother tounge very fluently: 28. Rajesh

(a) will

30. She… be bery tired

(c) drinking

(a) speak

(b) speaking

(c) speaks (d) none of these

29. This dog very loudly:

(a) barks

(b) bark

(c) barking

(d) none of these

after this long journey :

(b) shall (c) need not

(d) had better

31. …… our leader win the election :

(a) May (b) Can

(c) Will

(d) Need not

32. You pay your taxes:

(a) might

(b) may

(c) can

(d) ought to

33. One

…… not touch a live wire :

(a) will (b) must

(c) would

34. A driver follow the rules of the road: (a) can

(b) shall

(c) dare

(d) must

35. You…… not scrub the floor. The maid will do it.

(a) could

(b) shall

(c) need

36. Last year, there ……. be a restaurant here :

(a) could

(b) used to

(c) ought to

(d) might

37. My grandfather …… not read without glasses :

(a) can

(b) need

(c) must

(d) should

38.You have a chocolate, if you finish your homework:

(a) should

(b) must

(c) could

(d) shall

39. I…… not oppose you candidate if you say so :

(a) could

(b) will

(c) ougth to

(d) used to

40. Gandhiji ……. advise Nehru and patel :

(a) ought to

 41. His eye sight is weak. he …… to wear glasses:

(b) would

(c) used to

(d) could

(a) had

(b) does

(c) has

(d) was

42. You…… to work in this branch. It is an order from the

head office.

(a) are 43……. you brush your teeth every morning :

(b) have

(c) do

(d) did

44. They….. talking at the top of their voice and distrubed us :

(a) are

(b) had

(c) do

45. I get up early in the morning and so…… my sister :

(a) did

(b) has

(c) is

(d) does

46. Pour the powder into the pan and let it …… for five minutes :

(b) to boil (c) boiling (d) boiled

(a) boil

47. Fortunately, the old car…… not break down on the way:

(a) was

(b) did

(c) had

48. It is generally seen that children…… run after a flying butterfly :

(d) is

(a) will

(b) shall (c) could (d) does . Kittle cat and Mickie mouse…… not live in the same


house : (a) shall

(b) have

(c) are

(d) did

50. How I tell the future? It is always uncertain:

(c) can

(a) should

(b) is

(d) has

51. Beauty and brain…… not often go together :

(a) have

(b) are (c) do

(d) does

59. you please, wait for some time? I am busy

(a) Are

(b) Could

(c) Have

(d) Should

53. Bread and butter…………my breakfast.

(c) were

[19 (A) I]

(a) are

(b) is

(d) have

54. It hot tomorrow.

[19 (A) I]

(a) is

55. I. home before she arrived.

(b) will be

(c) has been

(d) is being

[19 (A) I]

56. Early to bed and early to rise………… a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

10th English vvi objective
10th English vvi objective

[19 (A) II]

(a) make (b) made

57………… you her him?

(a) Have (b) Has

⚫ (c) makes

(d) making

[19 (A) II]

(d) Had

58. Neither food nor water………… given.

(a) was (b) are

[19 (A) II]

(c) were

59. The horse and cart ……….. at his door.

[18 (C)]

(a) am

(b) is

(c) are

60. The cattle grazing in the field.

(d) did

[18 (C)]

(b) is

(d) has

61. The number of boys… increased.

[19 (C)]

(a) are

(b) is

(c) were

(d) has

62. A lot of food lying there.

(a) was

(b) were

(c) are

(d) have been

63. A set of combs been bought.

[19 (C)]

(a) have

(b) were

(c) has

(d) are

64. He …………. a ghost last night..

[20 (A) I]

(a) see

(b) saw

(c) has seen

(d) seeing


6. Keep quiet, we are Minister’s speech Distened

(b) imen

(c) had listened (4) mening

The portrait was hong

the wall hanged

tc) will hanging

(d) be hanging

7. Ritesh (a) came


(b) will come

(c) comes 6. My parents

(d) coming

here two months ago.

(A) m

(s) came (b) come

(c) coming

10th English vvi objective 2024

69. He spoke as if he everything

(d) comes

(26 (A) T

(a) knows (c) will know

(b) knowing

(d) knew

70. She was by a dog.

120 (A) I

(a) bit

(b) bite

71. I living here since

(c) biting 2014.

(d) bitten

[29 (A) IS

(a) am (c) have been

(b) has been

(d) had

72. I studying English.

(b) was

[22 (A)

(a) did

73. He me not to go out today.

(c) have

(d) had

[22 (A) 11

(a) advise

(b) advising (d) have advised

(c) advised

74. You are very fast.

[22 (A) 1]

(a) drive (b) driven (c) driving (d) will drive 122 (A) I

75. He said that he football.

(a) playing (c) played

(b) am playing (d) will played

76. He Ratna.

(22 (A) 1]

(a) scold

(b) scolded

(c) scolding

(d) have scolded

10th English vvi objective 2024

77. I was dancing when she :

[22 (A) 1)

(a) arrives

(b) will arrive

(c) arrived

(d) had arrived

78. They out an hour ago.

(b) goes

(c) gone

(d) went

79. She

this book.

(22 (A) [1]

(a) had wrote (c) writing

(b) writes

(d) has written

80. 1 English for twenty-five years.

[22 (A) II)

(a) am teaching

(b) have been teaching

(c) teach

(d) has been teaching

81 . The students their dialogues.

[22 (A) 11)

(a) rehearsing

(b) will rehearsing

(c) are rehearsing 82.

(d) can rehearsing

She was by a dog.

[22 (A) II)

(a) bit (b) bitten

(c) bite

(d) had bit

10th English vvi objective 2024

83. late this morning. 83. Rabul

(22 (A) B

(a) am We at

(b) is (c) was (d) were

84.home two weeks ago.

[22 (A) I

(a) were (b) was (c) is

85. They here a month ago.

(a) com

(c) comes

(d) are

(d) came

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