English objective question answer : 2024 exam 10th objective question answer important

English objective question answer : 2024 exam 10th objective question answer important..

1. The corn-merchant was getting…… by his nephew in “The Pace for Living’.

(a) beaten up (c) cheated

(b) scolded

(d) praised

2. In ‘The Pace for Living’, the author says that……. are designed to test the mental speed of a person.

(a) education tests

(b) psychological tests

(c) placement tests

(d) intelligence tests

3. The author in “The Pace for Living’ enjoys

(a) long car drives

(b) air flights

(c) train journeys (d) road journeys

4. “The Pace for Living’ is written by

(a) Aung San Suu Kyi

(b) Toni Morrison

(c) R. C. Hutchinson

(d) Satyajit Ray

5. In ‘The Pace for Living’, the writer captures the agony of …. man.

(a) modern

(b) ancient

(c) future

(d) uncivilized

English objective question answer
English objective question answer


6. The main character in the play which the author sa

(a) elderly (c) young

(b) handicapped

(d) diabetic

7. The author admits that quick travel does not give the traveller the real …… of travel.

(a) pains

(b) pleasure

(c) dreams

(d) knowledge 8. The author finds himself in a hopeless situation when he goes to watch the

(a) cinema

(b) theatre

(c) dance programme

9. R.C. Hutchinson was a ……

(d) singing competition

(a) American Novelist (c) French Novelist

(b) British Novelist

(d) Italian Novelist

English objective question answer

10. Rapid movement gives you a superficial sense of

(a) drama

(b) music

(c) security

(d) hope

11. Who had the fantastic notion of spending £ 10 on a holiday?

(a) Son of Corn-merchant (b) Daughter of Corn-merchant

(c) Father of Corn-merchant

(d) Wife of Corn-merchant

12. Who was cheating the corn-merchant ?

(a) His Son

(b) His Nephew

(c) His Daughter

(d) His Wife

13. Mental activities of our time tend to follow the peace

(a) computers

(b) aeroplanes

(c) houses

(d) machines

14 . In ‘The Pace of Living’, the author discusses

(a) the agony of modern man

(b) the miseries of ancient people (c) the dilemma of people

(d) the problems of old age

15. The essay “The Pace for Living’, captures the agony of

(a) a modern man

(b) a sick man

(c) a police man

16. Which tribe did the author belong?

(d) a postman

(a) Fast thinkers

(b) Slow thinkers

(c) Steady thinkers

(d) None of these

17. How many girls were there in the film ?

(a) Two

(b) Three

(c) Four

(d) Five

18. The author of the story “The pace for Living’ enjoyed going in a car at ……….

(a) Ninety miles an hour (c) Sixty miles an hour

(b) Eighty miles an hour (d) Seventy miles an hour

19. In ‘The pace for Living,’ R.C. Hutchinson discusses :

(a) the happiness of men (b) the agony of modern man

(c) the dilemma of people (d) None of these

English objective question answer

20. In ‘The pace for Living,’ the author saw a play in:

(a) Denmark

(b) Dublin

(c) Denver

(d) Delhi Living’ the Corn merchant is

21. In the essay ‘The Pace for

(a) an ambitious man

(b) an anxious man

(c) an adventurous man (d) None of these

22. How does the writer classify himself as a thinker in The Pace of Living’?

(a) An intelligent thinker

(b) A slow thinker

(c) A social thinker

(d) None of these 23. People nowadays think …….. than ancient times

(a) deeper

(b) faster

(c) longer

(d) slower

24. The people now think faster than people did

(a) 150 years from now

(b) 500 years from today

(c) 200 years from today (d) 30 years ago

25. The author of “The Pace for Living’ wants to dine in London and lunch in

(a) Chicago

(b) New York

(c) California

(d) Ariz


1. Jim asked Mrs. Greene to save the old newspapers

(a) office (c) children

(b) pickup

(d) library

2. Mr. Johnson was asked to use his car less in order to save the :

(a) environment

(b) diesel

(c) weight

(d) petrol

3. Mr. Johnson tells Jim that driving his motorbike
causes….. pollution.

(a) noise

(b) soil

(c) water

4. Jim asks Ms. Greene to save so that they can be

(a) leaves

(b) garbage

(c) newspapers

(d) fruit-skins

5. Preaching about ecology is easy but it is difficult to
abide by the rules of:

(a) preservation

(b) water wastage

(c) population growth

(d) noise pollution

6. Ms. Greene goes away on :

(a) Thursdays and Fridays

b) Wednesday (c) Saturdays and Sundays

(d) Mondays and Tuesdays

7. Surely, it is very hard to get people to work for:

(a) population

(b) education (d ) cleanliness

(c) ecology

8. In this lesson, the narrator talks about how he advises everybody what they should do to protect the

(a) elderly

(b) ecology

(c) children

(d) Pedestrians


9. The narrator told Mr Williams not to burn leaves as is…… for the air and ecology.

(a) excellent

(b) bad

(c) good

(d) helpful

10. Jim asked Ms Greene to keep the old newspapers for the school-going children who ……. them.

(a) burnt

(b) bought

(c) read

(d) collected

11. Jim told Mr Johnson that it would reduce ecology if he did not use her car for travelling to short distances. and save

(a) petrol

(b) pollution

(c) weight (d) diesel

12. Jim’s mother told him that he used up by watching television all the time.

(a) petrol

(b) water

(c) electricity

(d) time

13. Who is the author of ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’?

(a) John Hutchinson

(b) Joan Lexau

(c) Toni Morrison

14. According to Jim, nobody

(a) plants

(b) security

(c) ecology

(d) None of these

15. The author advises Ms. Greene to save :

(a) steel utensils

(b) dusters

(c) cups

(d) aluminium cans

16. Jim advises to walk to the post office.

(a) Ms. Greene

(b) Ms. Smith

(c) Mr. William

17. According to Jim, who uses electric appliances the

(a) Women

(b) Men

(c) Young girls (d) Old men

18. What according to author is good for garden?

(a) Fertiliser

(c) Compost

(b) Irrigation

(d) None of these

19. What type of pollution is created by according Mr. Williams?

(a) Air Pollution (c) Noise Pollution

(b) Nose Pollution (d) None of these

20. Nobody’s willing to do anything about ecology
‘ is said

(a) Jim

(b) Jack

(c) Michael (d) Jill

21. Where was Mrs. Greene piling new spapers?

(a) Next to her garbage bags

(b) In the corner of garden

(c) Anywhere in campus (d) None of these

22. What does Mr. Williams actually mean to say to
Jim ?

(a) Compost is not suitable for plants

(b) Compost is not environment friendly

(c) Compost smells up the whole street

(d) None of these

23. When the author of ‘Me and Ecology Bit’ went to Mr. Williams, he was

(a) burning fire

(b) burning straw

(c) burning forest

(d) burning leaves

24. The author of ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’ used to meet people and create awarness

(a) Importance of health (b) Importance of moeny

(c) Importance of ecology (d) Importance of play

25. ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’ is all about:

(a) Preserving water resources (b) Preserving environment and ecology

(c) Preserving forest resources (d) Preserving human resources

26. In ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’, the post office was
from Mr. Johnson’s house.

(a) one block away

(b) three blocks away

(c) two blocks away (d) four blocks away . Which of the following statement is False, according to

27. the essay ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’?

(a) Jim uses paper route to convince the people (b) Jim gives suggestions on ecology free of cost.

(c) Mr. William was not convinced by Jim. (d) People easily get convinced by Jim.

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